Future is here The mill you are waiting for is here The mill you are waiting for ys SMARTMILL Your new mill is SMARTMILL The future´s mill is SMARTMILL The future´s mill is made from today


With our sensitivity and consciousness to both our developing world and to the environment and to the people, Özpolat Makina has again succeeded a first in our sector.

Özpolat Milling Machinery Technology family proudly presents: Smartmill.

SmartMill is the latest technology that Özpolat Milling Machinery Technology developed during the Industry 4.0 revolution. Smartmill is the general name for the dark factories of the future, for the trouble-free factories that operate with as low as 0,27% error rates, for the efficient factories whose operating costs are 15-20% of today’s operating costs, for the perfect flour and semolina factories producing their value-added products in the most convenient way and the shortest time.


Why ?

We all know that increase in the capacity and the efficiency by benefiting steam energy during 18th and 19th centuries is called The Industrial Revolution. Did you also know that the era from late 1800s and early 1900s is considered The Second Industrial Revolution because the introduction of electricity caused to mass production? Or the Digital Age that started in 1980s is called the 3rd Industrial Revolution because information and communication technologies led the efficiency to increase tremendously?

Now is the time of the 4th Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0.

Do you know what would change in your factory if we take people out of your production processes and replace them with sensors and cameras in your data collection and reporting centers, and replace them with fully automatic PLC machinery and robots in your workstations? We know. In a very short amount of time you would notice two things: 1) The amount of nonconforming products in your factory would be significantly reduced, it might even got down to zero. 2) Your costs would be very low.

We foresee that even if not today, probably in the next 5 to 10 years, factories that are working with people, capable of making mistakes, factories with low productivity and high costs of operation will not be able to survive, does not matter in which industry, because of our developing and shrinking world.

Özpolat Milling Machinery Technology family is promising you to capture the future, and setting up future’s factory from today.


Who Are We

Özpolat Milling Machinery Technology, which started production in 1966 by producing elevators, screw conveyors, separators, aspirators and trieurs, is a milling machinery manufacturer and exporter firm, which proved its leadership in the industry by producing the first fully-automatic and cast-iron-body roller mill in 1980. Since 1990s, Özpolat has established turn-key wheat flour and semolina factories, corn flour and semolina factories, feed factories, bulgur factories, lentils plants, rice plants and storage solutions with superior production quality and has exported its products to more than 30 countries, starting with EU countries such as Germany and Austria.

Whether your raw material is wheat or corn, and whether your production is flour or semolina or feed, Özpolat Milling Machinery Technology is the factory that designs the factory you dream of and produces it the way you dream, and establishes it for you. A factory that makes factories.

Özpolat Milling Machinery Technology, which has been continuously receiving the successful results of its R&D studies for 40 years, has made its own appearance again in 2006 and has produced the first computerized roller mill in Turkey. With its latest project Smartmill, Özpolat gives the milling machinery sector a completely new vision and promises customers to have the factories of the future from today.



Imagine a factory that runs 24 hours a day and its electricity consumption is always constant and at minimum. The quality of raw material entering your factory is checked and weighed before it is started to be processed, and if your factory is not satisfied with results, the reports come to you before starting the production. From the cleaning unit to the dampening unit, from the milling unit to the packing unit, you are always informed of the entrance and exit efficiencies for each unit, and you always know which of your machines are working and at which performance level. Imagine you are noticed about the need of a spare part or replacement, from a week ahead. Imagine you can tell your factory to start at … o’clock and stop at … o’clock, or start at … o’clock work for … hours and stop, or start at ... o’clock and process … tons and stop. And imagine you do all of this on your mobile phone, you keep track of all the machines and sections in your factory and get instant notifications if a non-standard situation is experienced. Imagine your factory calls you and tells you if capacity or efficiency drops or if electricity consumption increases. And imagine you don't need any workers in this factory. All of this is now possible with Smartmill. We have designed the future’s factory today. Please call us for more information.


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